Birthday Party Catering Services

A birthday party catering service is a perfect combination of fun and food. Birthday parties are a celebration anniversary of once birthday. It is always a special event for parents, friends and our near and dear.

What is Birthday party catering services?

Birthday party catering services bring the festive mood live with the tailor made menu and service. Birthdays are for everyone, people of all age groups enjoy the birthday parties with excitement and passion. Birthday party catering service provides the best food and service.

Birthday parties are gathering of family and friends. A beautifully decorated venu, family and friends, and food makes the event complete and celebrative.

It is on the birthday party catering service to make the party memorable with the service and food.

How do we make it special for you?

We offer our customers a choice of their menu with various main course dishes, starters, welcome drink etc.,. Great food brings life to the events.

We are ISO 22000:2005 certified and FSSAI certified company. In our 40+ years of experience utmost priority is there for food safety. At every stage of our service we maintain the standards and make sure safety and hygiene are maintained.

We as Birthday party catering services specialist, organize fruit counters, Panipuri counters, chinese stalls, popcorn stall., as per the customers requirement, so that not only elders but also kids can enjoy the birthday party to the fullest.

We always serve more than promised to our customers.

99% of customers are repeated,it is because of our consistency in taste and service.. We make sure the best is served in terms of taste, quality and service.

We make your birthday party the most memorable with our food & service

We at shanmukha caterers believe – “Food is not just eating energy, it is an amazing experience”.