Corporate Event Catering Services

We bring the delightful Food to your workplace. Let’s make your team productivity with the very wide range of dishes, cater to every taste and event.

A needed add-on for your Workforce

Shanmukha Caterers Offers supreme Corporate Catering Services in Hyderabad. Shanmukha Catering Services provides world-class creative and tasty catering for all corporate clients. From wide range of corporate lunches and barbecues to all formal dinners, we provide complete -service catering customized to all the workforce needs. We are customer centric and known for the best caterers offering the maximum customer satisfaction in and around Hyderabad. Our dedication and commitment towards quality has earned fame and made us a loyal following among our corporate clientele. We offer complete satisfaction to all the workforce, from the CEO of the company to every worker.
• Employee Breakfast
• Team Lunches
• Office Celebrations
• Corporate Events
• Meetings and Trainings
• Staff Restaurants
Let us Take Care of Your Employees, the same way they Take Care of Your Business.

From the corporate lunches and barbecues to formal dinners, the customized full-service catering to your entire entire workforce needs.

Employee Breakfast:

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Today, with strict attendance HR policies many employees have to skip their breakfast at home to make sure they punch in their attendance at the right time. They need not start their day on an empty stomach. Our breakfast menu options provides healthy and delicious food packed with nutrients for your employees to kick-start their day.

Team Lunches:

Planning a team lunch? You need not step out of your office. Simply call us and enjoy the best team lunch and conversation in the comfort of your office. Plan your next project over our excellent food.

Office Celebrations:

We know how important those little wins and achievements are! Be it reaching the required sales target or cracking an awesome deal celebrate your every office win and milestone with Shanmukha Caterers by your side. Even for office celebrations, such as employee birthdays we offer tasty menus that will bring a smile on the face of your employees. Enjoy your wins with great food and service from us.

Corporate Events:

For all your corporate events wow your guests and clients with our tasty spreads which is light yet delicious. Whether it’s a media event or any other corporate event food from Shanmukha Caterers is the safest and best choice you can make.

Meetings & Trainings:

Employees look forward to meetings and training. Good food serves as a motivation and helps in brainstorming ideas for all projects. So, fuel great meetings and training sessions with our food.

Staff Restaurants:

You can also outsource either all or some of your in-house catering to Shanmukha Caterers. Leave it to us to take care of the health of your workforce by ensuring they have healthy food from our kitchen. We use the best and freshest produce.

Overseas Visitors:

We keep in mind the requirements when we serve our corporate clients. For e.g. you may have some international clients visiting your company. In that case we can customize the menu according to their tastes and preferences. Our knowledge of cuisines cuts across country lines. We constantly update ourselves on all the major cuisines of the world. You just need to tell us your requirement, and you can be assured of the best catering service.

Staff & Crew Catering:

For film staff and crew catering (shootings, TV shows, TV serials, film shooting) we offer excellent menu options that will delight the senses of your staff and crew.